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Suggestions for playing baccarat. To definitely get 100% money

Today allnewgclub will introduce the formula to play baccarat. allnewgclub Baccarat formula That will be introduced in this article is a cool Baccarat recipe. That is widely used in Europe and is a formula for playing baccarat to make money That is 100% guaranteed. We call this formula 1 3 2 4 System, which will choose to bet on the same side, all 4 eyes, with the method of using the Baccarat formula as follows

1. Choose to use the money Baccarat formula 1, 3, 2, 4, for example, set 1 unit = 100 baht, so the money step is 100 >> 300 >> 200 >> 400, etc. The formula for playing Baccarat is that if winning the game, increase the bet according to step, but if losing, go back to start at 1 new unit as well as when playing all 4 steps, then go back to start at 1 unit as well.

2. Choose a baccarat table to play By choosing a table with the maximum length of 3 - 4 cards and should select a table that has been played for about 10-15 eyes. When choosing a table to play To observe the cards for a while before playing

1 - Introduction to playing baccarat. To get 100% sure money

3. When the cards begin to come out next 3 consecutive eyes, start betting immediately. By placing a bet on the opposite side of the previous side, for example from the example Entering the table at the beginning of playing has 9 eyes. Notice that the card has been out of the Banker 2 eyes, then wait to observe the cards first. allnewgclub Appear as the 10th card. Banker card side. When reaching the 11th, start betting immediately. By placing a bet on the Player side with 100 baht, it appears that the 2nd round wins. Place an additional bet of 300 baht, then win the 3rd round. Place a bet of 200 baht, then win the 4th turn. Place a bet of 400 baht. Issue a tie game and thus return the bet Show that in this round, you get a profit of 100 + 300 + 200 = 600 baht.

4. After playing all 4 steps, suggest to wait and see the cards before a while When encountering the same playing card patterns, then begin to lay But if not finding unfamiliar card patterns Or patterns of cards that are not confident Not recommended to play

2 - Introduction to playing baccarat To get 100% sure money

5. From the sample image After waiting to see the cards for a while Found a pattern of cards that match the pattern that will be played This round will start playing in column 14 as shown. Once the 3 players have gone out, they will start placing bets immediately. By starting to place the opposite side immediately, Banker with 100 baht, losing appears because of the card. Player later, then place bets on the Banker side with the same amount of 100 baht, according to the principle of money walking. To win the 3rd eye, place an additional bet of 300 baht, then win the 4th eye. allnewgclub Place another bet of 200 baht and win again. When looking at the statistics table, it is found that Baker has reached 3 eyes and then recommend to stop playing immediately and in Nice To get profit -100 + 100 + 300 + 200 = 500 baht

6. When bringing the profit amount of both rounds of the round, it will find that In playing this bet We can make a profit of up to 1,100 baht. And for those who have the power to play, they may increase the number in each unit. For example, may increase the amount from 100 baht per unit to 500 baht or 1,000 baht.
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