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Aggretsuko, the associateime a couple of cat bear UN agency hates her workplace job such a lot she sings metal singing when work as an outlet for her anger, is sort of crushingly real.

Retsuko the cat bear is one amongst the new Sanrio characters, introduced in 2016. not like the opposite sickly sweet characters like salutation Kitty and Kero Keroppi, Retsuko has associate intense anger drawback, which might solely assuaged by singing metal songs. The new anime concerning her, that is on the market in its completeness on Netflix, takes associate already pretty relatable conception and explores it additional deeply.

Retsuko is joined by her 2 friends, a fennec fox named Fenneko and therefore the canid Haida, still as a series of busybodies, task masters, suck ups and cruel bosses. this can be all the tougher for Retsuko as a result of she’s reasonably a pushover, and takes on the work of others even once she is aware of it’s not honest. especially, her boss Director Ton, a antifeminist UN agency is additionally a pig, delights in pile work on Retsuko’s table whereas he practices his golf swing. within the initial episode, when reprimand her for forgetting to scrub up his table, build him tea and place flowers in his jar, Director Ton remarks that a minimum of he likes incompetent girls higher than competent ones. this can be what she sings as a reaction to that:
It would be enough if this was simply a funny gag show, however Aggretsuko manages to pack in a very heap of character development into its fifteen minute episodes. As time goes on, Retsuko realizes that she isn’t glad together with her life. I’ve had my share of stinky jobs and unhealthy bosses. looking Retsuko bear identical realizations I did, like understanding {that you|that you simply|that you simply} can’t just place your nose to the stone 24/7 before you break from the strain, is absolutely comforting. You watch her learn the way to advocate for herself. She has her share of misadventures, and in a very heap of episodes she comes out worse for wear, however it’s nice to grasp what number individuals have felt as awkward and stressed after they be part of the operating world as adults.

If you’ve ever bought a 3 pack of socks as a result of you felt guilty concerning getting into a store and not shopping for something, then Aggretsuko is unquestionably for you. As unhealthy because it is to own a terrible job, Retsuko learns that it isn’t the top of the world—even if she needs to scream it out of her when work.
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